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Corporate video production

Corporate video production

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Product Description

Corporate video production significance
The significance of corporate videos is WYSIWYG. Through corporate videos, you can truly understand the start, development and current situation of the company. Its significance to the company is not to be underestimated. With the promotion film, corporate image film, product promotion film and commercial film, the company can easily and vividly display the business concept and new product display. At the same time, the company's promotional film shows a rich and detailed enterprise. Image, product information and value services can be avoided by ordinary consultations; just click on the remote control, the projection screen will truly reproduce the company's development and success stories, such a real feeling is irreplaceable in any way. .

Production choice
The role of advertising campaigns in shaping corporate image and enhancing product visibility is well known. "Advertising is not a panacea, but it is not good but not." Therefore, CCTV's annual advertising bidding is always so lively. But that is only the patent of a big company. Most of our SMEs can only watch the people spend a lot of money, secretly admire the courage of others, and lament their powerlessness. We all know that it is almost ineffective for companies to place advertising fees of less than 10 million yuan on CCTV. However, tens of millions of advertising fees are not affordable for every business. Therefore, many SMEs can only choose an advertising method that is more suitable for their actual situation. In fact, the advertisements of large enterprises are extracted with money, and the advertisements of small enterprises can better reflect their value. If you don't believe it, you can find a layman to take an advertisement, spend 30 million on CCTV, and then cooperate with local media bombing and promotion, the effect will not be worse than those of big production.
SMEs have to do advertising, and they must be careful. In addition to mass media advertising, there is another form of advertising that cannot be underestimated. That is the multimedia advertisement, and the company advertises through the multimedia produced by the company. Corporate videos are not just as simple as making a set of CDs. The ultimate goal of the company's production of promotional films is to spread corporate image and sell products. It requires not only the exquisite picture, the vivid content, but also the ability to unify the corporate image and product features. This kind of multimedia promotional film features small investment, targeted audience and flexible playing position.
Select typical
The so-called typical is that the selected person or thing has universality, reality, representativeness and time in one place and one place. The advanced figures such as Lei Feng and Kong Fansen are typical figures with distinctive characteristics of the times. They can become advanced models in the reform, not only because they have the spiritual qualities of courage and hard work, but also because of their values and behaviors. All of them are in line with the development needs of the era of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, and they have profound practical significance and reflect a distinct style of the times. Such a typical is amiable, respectable, credible, and learnable. Making these typical characters into TV feature films will receive good social Benefits. Therefore, local TV stations should pay attention to selecting such a typical example when creating feature films.
Helping the business
Establish an image
1. A good corporate image can expand the visibility of the company and increase the goodwill and confidence of the investment or partners;
2, a good corporate image, can gain the trust of the public, creating a consumer psychology for the goods and services of the enterprise;
3. A good corporate image can attract more talents to join, motivate the professionalism of employees and create higher efficiency.
Develop new markets
For enterprises, marketing is one of the most important aspects of business success. Some people comment on the importance of marketing to the business. Any company can only do two things, the first is to produce one product, and the second is to sell the product. It can be said that marketing products is the lifeline of the company.
To sell the product, the first thing is to let the customer know about your product. In such an era of rapid development of information, customers will be exposed to a lot of similar product information every day. How to make customers understand the detailed features, advantages and differences of enterprise products in the shortest time is the marketing of enterprises. An important means. Corporate videos are such a good way to promote.
Cooperative marketing
As a tool to showcase the enterprise, corporate videos cannot replace the role of marketing in opening up the market, but it can also be an important supplement to corporate marketing. The corporate video combines audiovisual language to showcase the company and its products both visually and audibly. Its intuitive and general features also make it more advantageous than a single and traditional marketing approach. Therefore, when the traditional marketing methods are assisted by the corporate videos, they can naturally develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, which makes the marketing activities more vivid and intuitive, and makes the propaganda of the videos more in-depth and powerful. Therefore, with the help of a good promotional film, marketing will be more effective.
Other uses
In addition to these uses, the promo has many other uses. The main and direct of these uses are: It can be said that the promotional film can run through many links in the production and marketing of the enterprise, and plays an important auxiliary role in the commercial operation of the enterprise.

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