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Communication electronics Sourcing

Communication electronics Sourcing

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How to package marine electronic products? What should I pay attention to?
Method / step
• Electronic products are technology-intensive products. With the advancement of technology, electronic components have evolved from tubes to transistors and integrated circuits to today's VLSIs. The size of electronic components is getting more and more fine, and the wiring of circuit boards is more and more complicated and smaller and smaller. Therefore, the requirements of the circuit board or electronic whole products for the external environment are getting higher and higher. Packaging is an indispensable process in the field of electronic products entering the circulation field. It is an important part of the production process. Reasonable packaging is to ensure that the product avoids mechanical physical damage during transportation, storage and loading and unloading, and ensures its quality. Necessary measures taken
• Will electronic shipping be affected by temperature? China sourcing agent for Communication electronics
The size of the electronic components is very fine, and the wiring of the circuit board is very complicated. The overheated high temperature environment not only causes the appearance of the electronic product to be damaged, but also causes the internal parts to be unstable, which directly affects the function of the product. Especially for military electronic products, these issues should be specially considered and taken into account when designing the packaging.
• Several major features of electronic products:timg
First, the internal structure of the circuit board or electronic products is complicated, the parts are produced accurately, and they cannot withstand external impact and bumps.
Second, the circuit board is afraid of moisture. After damp, a large amount of water vapor will immerse into the circuit board to form a water collapse, causing a short circuit or oxidizing the metal interface.
The third is afraid of dust and grease. The ingress of dust and grease can impede the conduction of current between the contacts of the board, contaminate the internal wiring, affect internal parts, and cause damage.
The fourth is afraid of static electricity. Excessive static electricity can damage some electronic components in electronic products, causing short-circuiting of components and ultimately directly damaging the entire machine.
Five is afraid of high temperatures. The overheated high temperature environment not only causes the appearance of the electronic product to be damaged, but also causes the internal parts to be unstable, which directly affects the function of the product. Especially for military electronic products, these issues should be specially considered and taken into account when designing the packaging.
• How to package electronic products?

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Outer packaging is an effective way to protect the product from damage. The most typical and most commonly used outer packaging is corrugated boxes, and some large and heavy products are in honeycomb cardboard boxes or wooden boxes.
Wood box materials mainly include wood (red pine, white pine, larch, masson pine, etc.), plywood, fiberboard, particle board, etc., used to package large, bulky or long storage time, long-distance transportation products, requiring water content in Below 20%, the packaging wooden box is heavy and bulky, and the timber has become a shortage of materials in the country, and is also restricted by green ecological environment protection. Therefore, modern product packaging has been increasingly reducing the trend of wooden box packaging. The buffering form of the outer packaging has two kinds of sleeves, left and right, and upper and lower covers. According to the mechanical conditions such as impact, vibration and static pressure in the circulation environment, it is advisable to select a polystyrene foam with a density of (20 to 30) kg/m3 and a compressive strength (at 50% compression) of 2.0 X 1 05Pa or more. Slow; medium gasket material. Other materials superior to the above properties can also be used. The gasket structure generally partially buffers the electronic product in the form of a molded gasket structure. The gasket structure should help to enhance the compression resistance of the package and help protect the protruding portion and the weak portion of the product.
If a small package is installed in an outer package, some printed circuit boards may be spared in the military radar to prevent the printed circuit board from being replaced immediately after the radar is used, so that it can be used normally. In the outer packaging, the stress should be dispersed when the product vibrates; the edge of the corner should be protected by mats, spacers, gaskets, etc.; the outer packaging box should be filled with shredded paper scraps, broken foam and other buffers. The package should be filled, leaving no gaps, reducing sway, and improving moisture and vibration resistance. The main function of the inner packaging is to provide the fixing and cushioning of the contents, and a variety of internal packaging materials and methods are available. As a traditional cushioning packaging material, foamed plastic has the advantages of light weight, good protection performance and wide application range. In particular, the foamed plastic can be pre-formed into the relevant buffer module according to the shape of the product, which is very convenient to apply.
At present, electronic product packaging materials are mainly EPS and EPE. EPE is currently a relatively recognized environmentally friendly material in the world, mainly used for fragile products, and the cost is relatively high. EPS can be molded, so the cost is low, but the recovery rate is too low and not environmentally friendly. Chinese Sourcing agent for Communication electronics
Moisture-proof and dust-proof materials, materials with stable physical and chemical properties, high mechanical strength, and low moisture permeability, such as organic plastic film, organic plastic bags, foamed plastic paper (such as PEP materials) or polyethylene blown film, etc. The material that does not chemically react with the outer surface of the product shall be dust-proof overall, and the dust-proof bag shall be sealed. In order to prevent temporary rain during circulation or the influence of moisture in the atmosphere on the product, the package should have general moisture protection conditions. A hygroscopic desiccant such as silica gel can be used. If necessary, the cabinet should be protected by plating, painting, chemical coating, etc. to prevent the influence of moisture, salt spray and other factors on the electronic products.

Logistics Baba believes that the maritime packaging of electronic products should focus on these basic requirements and adopt corresponding technical measures to control. The outer packaging of electronic products needs to resist the external force or the mutual extrusion of each packaging box in the stacking or transportation bumps. It can prevent deformation of packaging materials or products; it can resist the wetting of fog, dew, rain and steam, and effectively prevent the occurrence of problems such as oxidation, rust and short circuit of electronic products.

How to make electronic components procurement and its precautionsu=3451294953,36726949&fm=26&gp=0
Method / step
1. The procurement of electronic components is easy on the surface, but in the process of purchasing electronic components, it is necessary to control the procurement cost and ensure the quality of procurement. Therefore, the choice of suppliers should be cautious. A good supplier can not only provide high quality original genuine supply, but also reduce the purchase price through long-term cooperation. Therefore, it is not easy to make electronic components procurement.
2. Master the basics of electronic components. If you want to do a good job in purchasing electronic components, then the most basic professional knowledge is of course necessary. If you don't even know the product, how can you be qualified for purchasing? The professional knowledge here includes understanding the classification of IC, diode, transistor, resistor, capacitor and other components, understanding semiconductor, model structure, package, model replacement, Which manufacturers are in production and so on.
3. 3

China sourcing agent which outsourcing and providing efficient sourcing service in china for Communication electronics

The form of procurement of electronic components. Nowadays, online shopping is very common. We can also purchase electronic components through the procurement network. It is an important trick to select suppliers of high-quality, full-model, and large-volume procurement websites. Here, there are several good choices, one is the official online ordering of component companies, and the other is the ordering of B2B websites that buy and sell ICs.

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