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Electronic Components Sourcing

Electronic Components Sourcing

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Product Description

Regarding component procurement, these issues are what you should pay attention to.

Start with the most basic purchase process:
1. Inquiry according to the type and quantity of components:
The supplier submits a correct and valid quotation in the shortest time according to the requirements document.
2, "delivery" requirements

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The delivery requirements include the time the buyer needs to purchase the product, and how long the seller needs to prepare the sample, the first batch of small production, and the time required to place the order at normal time. Although the supplier can cooperate according to the buyer's requirements, but the length of the delivery is related to the price of the purchased product, the buyer should make the request according to the actual needs, rather than the blind pursuit of supply;
3. "Quality" requirements:

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There are many ways to express the quality requirements of an RFQ. It can usually be presented in several ways: brand, or equivalent, commercial standards, material and manufacturing method specifications, performance or merit, engineering drawings, samples, Work instructions;
4, delivery method delivery location
The country, city, address, and contact number and fax of the shipping location must be clearly communicated to the supplier. Domestic and international delivery methods are often based on railways and highways, and the location and delivery method in international procurement determine the price calculation. If the seller is required to quote CIF, regardless of shipping or air transportation, the transportation fee and insurance premium are of course borne by the seller. There are different billing methods depending on the distance traveled. Unless the buyer specifies air transport, the supplier usually quotes on a maritime basis, as shipping is the most economical way of delivery.
These four points can be said to be the problems that components procurement often face.
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There are many kinds of electronic components on the market, and even the same type of items have many differences in appearance, model, performance and important parameters. How can we get cost-effective electronic components? First teach you a trick to distinguish between the original goods and refurbished goods (for IC chips):
1. Look at the surface of the chip for traces of sanding.
Any surface of the polished chip will have fine lines or even micro marks on the previous print. Some cover the surface of the chip with a thin coating, which looks a bit shiny and has no plastic texture.
2, look at the printing.
Most of the current chips are laser-marked or printed on a dedicated chip printer. The writing is clear, unobtrusive, unobtrusive and difficult to erase. Refurbished chips are either 'sawed' by the cleaning agent and have a 'saw' feel, either printed, shaded, misplaced, easily erased or overly conspicuous.
The silk screen printing process has long been eliminated by IC manufacturers. However, many chip refurbishments still use silk screen printing for cost reasons. This is also one of the judgments. The screen printing word will be slightly higher than the chip surface. You can feel the slight unevenness or the hand touch. Feeling of bun. However, it should be noted that due to the recent decline in the price of small laser marking machines, more and more refurbished ICs use laser marking, and some new films will use this method to change the word mark or simply hit again to 'improve'. The grade of the chip, this requires special attention, and the method of distinguishing is more difficult, you need to practice the 'eyes of fire.' The main method is to look at the overall coordination, the writing and the background, the new and old degree of the pin does not match, such as the word mark is too new, too clear the possibility of problems, but many small factories, especially some small IC companies in China The chip was born like this, which adds a lot of trouble to the identification, but the judgment of the mainstream big chip is still very meaningful.
In addition, more and more laser marking machines have been used to modify the chip mark. Especially in the memory and some high-end chips, once the position of the laser printing is found to be irregular and the thickness of the stroke is uneven, it can be considered as Remark. of.
3. Look at the pins.
Where the bright as the 'new' tinned pin must be refurbished, the majority of the pin of the IC should be the so-called 'silver powder foot', the color is darker but the color is uniform, the surface should not have traces of oxidation or 'flux 'In addition, the pins of DIP and other plug-ins should not have traces of rubbing, even if there are (repackaging will be) scratches should be neat, in the same direction and the metal exposed is smooth and non-oxidized.
4. Look at the date of manufacture of the device and the label of the package.
The label of the goods including the label on the bottom of the chip should be consistent and the production time should be consistent with the product, while the reprinted sheets without Remark are confusing and the production time is different. Although the Remark chip has the same frontal label, sometimes the value is unreasonable (such as the 'Geely number') or the production date does not match the device. If the label on the bottom of the device is confusing, the device is Remark.
5. Measure device thickness and look at device edges.
Many original laser-printed refurbished refurbished pieces (mostly power devices) must be ground deeper because of the need to remove the original mark, so the overall thickness of the device will be significantly smaller than the normal size, but not compared or measured with a caliper, the general inexperienced person still It's hard to tell, but there is a general knowledge of breaking the law, that is, looking at the front edge of the device. Since the plastic sealing device must be 'released' after injection molding, the edge angle of the device is round (R angle), but the size is not large. It is easy to grind the rounded corner at right angle during the grinding process, so the front edge of the device is right angled. Can be judged as grinding goods.
In addition, there is another method to see if the merchant has a large number of original packaging materials, including the inside and outside of the uniform carton, anti-static plastic bags, etc., the actual identification should be used in multiple ways, there is a problem can be identified The quality of the device.

Note: If there is a chip that we can't judge with the naked eye and experience, we can use a writing tool such as a magnifying glass and a digital magnifying glass to polish the surface of the chip. There are tiny holes on the surface of the chip that we can hardly see with the naked eye. Must be observed with the help of equipment!

Chinese Sourcing agent for Electronic Components

What are the storage and transportation conditions for electronic components?

First, storage
Electronic components should be stored in a normal temperature and humidity environment. Store the storage room, the temperature should be controlled at -10 ~ +40 ° C, the relative humidity is below 85%, the more stringent storage conditions are temperature 5 ~ 30 ° C, relative humidity 40 ~ 60%. To avoid excessively large temperature differences or humidity differences, sudden changes in temperature can cause water vapor in the air to condense into water droplets.
In areas where the winter is very dry, humidifiers can be used to humidify if necessary. It is best to use pure water or 6 distilled water for humidification to prevent the chlorine contained in the tap water from corroding the device leads or the metal shell.
There should be no corrosive gases in the storage environment and less dust. When the device is stored for a long period of time, its leads are preferably in an unmachined state. Because it is easy to rust at the bend after the lead is formed or at the port after the lead is cut. The storage environment of bare parts of electronic components should be more stringent, to meet the requirements of low humidity, cleanliness and protection from light. It should be stored in the specified closed container. It should be stored in dry nitrogen (below -30 °C frost point) after opening, and the storage time should be as short as possible.
Second, transportation
In the transportation, storage and storage of electronic components, there should be good packaging to ensure that the products are not damaged by the environmental atmosphere or undue stress. The following requirements should be made for its packaging materials and packaging forms:

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(1) The product should have both internal and external packaging forms. The inner packaging should be made of a material that is not corrosive to the product; the outer packaging is a lightweight packaging made of a material that is mechanically strong and resistant to rain and moisture. (2) The package shall be made of a material that is free of chemical gas release, non-toxic, non-polluting and non-corrosive. If you use a paper box, you must use neutral paper, not any acid paper or alkaline paper. Some containers (such as cardboard boxes or black rubber packaging materials) contain sulfides that can blacken the surface of the leads and reduce solderability. They should not be used.
(3) The package should ensure that there are no collisions, squeezing, etc., and all signs marked on the product can be clearly observed.
(4) The packaging box should be able to adapt to the storage conditions of the product storage temperature of -10 ~ +40 ° C, the relative temperature is not more than 60% of the dry ventilation and non-corrosive gases, so that it should not be packed in the box for two years. Quality causes damage to the product. (5) For device products with special requirements, it is best to use a specially designed package that meets the characteristics of the product. For static sensitive devices, packaging conditions should meet antistatic requirements.
(6) The outer packaging box can be used to make packaging structures that meet the requirements of shockproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof, depending on the transportation conditions (such as trains, automobiles, airplanes, and ships), and should be accompanied by the necessary transportation safety signs.
When handling electronic components, be careful to prevent impact and fall. In particular, the glass-encapsulated device is a fragile item. After being placed in a package or a package, if it is subjected to a strong impact such as a drop, it may collide with the adjacent device and the tube may be broken. Therefore, it should be fully paid during handling or stacking. Don't fall to the ground. Point contact diodes and glass-shell diodes are designed to prevent them from falling on hard floors such as cement and marble. Ceramic-packaged devices are heavy and should be prevented from falling over the entire process.

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